Onyx Academy

Onyx Academy Celebrates Its First Wave of Graduates

By Onyx Group
less than 1 minute read

The air is thick with pride and excitement at Onyx Academy as we celebrate our inaugural class of graduates. This milestone isn’t just about the completion of a course; it’s the culmination of countless hours of dedication, innovation, and resilience. Today, over 40 bright minds are venturing into the world, armed with the skills and knowledge they've garnered at Onyx Academy.

One of the standout achievements of this first graduating class is the seamless transition many have made into the professional realm. It's a testament to the calibre of education at Onyx Academy that several of these graduates have already secured positions within the Onyx Group’s expansive company ecosystem. This not only underscores the relevance and quality of the training they received but also the synergy between Onyx Academy and the broader Onyx Group.

But the journey doesn't end here. As we bid farewell and offer our congratulations to our first generation of graduates, we're also looking ahead. Applications for the next generation of Onyx Academy students are now open. The promise of joining such a distinguished group of alumni, coupled with the potential of diving into the dynamic Onyx Group ecosystem post-graduation, offers an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring media professionals.

To the first generation of graduates, we say: Wear your achievement with pride. The world awaits your ideas, your creativity, and your vision. And to those considering embarking on this journey with Onyx Academy: Take the leap. The doors are open, and a world of opportunity awaits.

For more information on applying to Onyx Academy or to explore the success stories of our graduates, check Onyx Academy's website.