Onyx Group Officially Launches: Your Comprehensive Media Solutions Partner

By Onyx Group
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In the dynamic world of media and gaming, the official debut of Onyx Group stands as a pivotal moment. This trailblazing company seamlessly merges Onyx Studio, Method and Madness, and Onyx Academy, offering clients an unparalleled solution for all their media-related endeavors.

Onyx Studio

Renowned for co-development, engineering, and game art production, Onyx Studio remains a beacon of digital innovation. Their expertise ensures partners are met with excellence in game design and immersive digital experiences.

Method and Madness

Embodying creativity in advertising and cinematic storytelling, Method and Madness have been behind some of the most indelible campaigns and cinematic narratives. Their inclusion strengthens Onyx Group's collective prowess, ensuring clients receive excellence across digital and cinematic spheres.

Onyx Academy

As the foundational educational pillar, Onyx Academy is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of media professionals. Their commitment to fostering talent ensures a continuous supply of well-equipped individuals ready to face the ever-evolving media industry.

Today's announcement marks just the beginning for Onyx Group. Plans are already underway to introduce additional service lines and usher in more exciting developments. The group is setting the stage for a future where businesses can find comprehensive, end-to-end media solutions all in one place.

For those in search of a holistic media partner, Onyx Group's inception represents a new horizon. With the collaborative strengths of Onyx Studio, Method and Madness, and Onyx Academy, the company promises unmatched quality and forward-thinking vision.